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Thunderbolt 4 "Switch" 2-4 PC.

edited April 2022 in Idea Station

I'll be surprised if this hasn't already been suggested but:


A Thunderbolt 4 switch that sits between 2-4 computers (I currently use 3 laptops) and a Thunderbolt 4 Dock.


As with many people, I now find myself working from home. I have all my monitors, keyboard, mouse, misc devices etc connected to a dock. This dock is then connected to my personal or work laptop. When is switch from work to personal laptop, I unplug the dock from 1 laptop and plug it back into the other laptop.

I'm looking for a thunderbolt switch that allows me to do this with a button press - like a KVM, but with just 1 thunderbolt cable.

This Amazon listing is what I'm looking for but make it Thunderbolt 4 instead of USB 3, and options for 2, 3 and/or 4 PCs/laptops/etc (

Nice to Have:

The ability to charge those devices (60W I assume) would/might be nice, but I can imagine trying to achieve this on a 4 port version would be a challenge - although I do have a 240W laptop brick so I imagine it might be possible.

Foot Note:

To be clear; I am not suggesting/looking for a dock or KVM. KVMs and Docks are very specific to individual setups. I (like most people) have bought docks that match my setup. I need a way to switch that setup between different laptops/desktops.

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