StarTech.Com PCISATA4R1 4 Port PCI SATA RAID Controller Adapter Card - Win 10 64-bit


Regarding StarTech.Com PCISATA4R1 4 Port PCI SATA RAID Controller Adapter Card, will this work with Windows 10 64-bit, as I wish to use it with a ASUS P5K WS motherboard with free PCI and PCI-x slots.

Many thanks in advance, for all your help.

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  • EmmanuelB
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    Hello and thank you for your interest in our Community.

    I would like to confirm that our PCISATA4R1 should indeed work on Windows 10. You can always find the compatibility for any of our products by visiting the product's page and clicking on the "Technical Specifications" tab below the picture section. This should give you a lot of technical information about our product including the supported OS at the top.

    However, I would like to add that your motherboard itself does not seem to have any official support for Windows 10. This means that although our card does support Windows 10: you may still experience issues getting the proper drivers to work for your motherboard's PCI slots or controllers.

    Hopefully this is helpful! If you have any further questions, please let me know.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I am running Window 10 64-bit without any problems in this ASUS motherboard and also running 5port USB 3 PCI-E card.

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  • Forgot to ask.. Is the Windows 10 driver?

  • EmmanuelB
    EmmanuelB Employee

    Thank you for your reply,

    Yes this is the right file for Windows 10. You can also consult with our instruction manual for more information on installation and usage of our card.

    For use in JBOD configuration, please use the following file:

    --> \SiI3114\Windows\Manual Drivers\No RAID\64bit\Intel_AMD\SI3114.inf

    For use in RAID mode, please use the following file:

    --> \SiI3114\Windows\Manual Drivers\RAID\64bit\Intel_AMD\SI3114.inf

    I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please let me know.

  • Thank you so much for the Top Class Support!!

  • Hi,

    I have tried your suggestion for the manual Intel AMD 64-bit non-raid drivers (Win 10 Pro 4-bit PC), during the installation but an error happens. This when using the have disk option based on choosing Storage Controller device from the device listings. Please kindy advise on how to resolve this.

    Many thanks in advance, for all your support.

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  • EmmanuelB
    EmmanuelB Employee

    I am sorry to hear about this issue.

    Have you tried the RAID drivers? And if so, do you get the same issue as well? It is more difficult to properly troubleshoot PCI behavior on a motherboard without official support for Windows 10. The issues you get from trying to install the card on your computer unfortunately does correlate with the behavior of non-supported systems. For this reason, I would invite you to please try the card on a different computer. This would help better understand if the issue is specific to the setup, or if the card itself may be defective.

    We will look forward to hearing back from you for further assistance.