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USB3 to USB-C display alt mode

edited October 2022 in Idea Station

So many USB hubs and touchscreen monitors require USB-C with DisplayPort Alt mode.

Not every USB-C port supports DisplayPort alt mode.

It should be possible to create a dongle to achieve this.

USB 3 to displayport, and USB 3 to a usb hub, internally merged into a usb-C port with display port alt mode

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  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Employee

    Thanks for posting your idea with a clear explanation (and even an accompanying graphic)! I've considered a portable USB-C monitor myself and can see how additional connection options would be convenient.

    We're looking into this more as a general concept, but is there a specific make/model of USB-C monitor you had in mind? Some portable USB-C monitors also require Power Delivery over USB-C to power the monitor itself and that would add another layer of complexity here.

  • The monitor im using has external power, its a desktop model.

    I have considered getting a portable USBC monitor for my laptop mount in my work van.

    yeah, dual screen in vehicle! but now you mention it, those are probably PD powered.

    also many of the USBC hubs with DisplayPort on amazon are PD as well. these hubs will do everything but DisplayPort without the Alt mode working. So if the NEW Alt mode dongle, lacked PD, it would drop that feature from the amazon hubs, and add frustration.

    PD is gonna be helpful.

  • TRusselo
    edited October 2022


  • Right now my desktop touchscreen monitor is an Acer UT241Y,

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Employee

    I appreciate you sharing more details about the setup! Sounds like a great application. While our product team has confirmed we don't have a solution for this in the product lineup right now, they said we will continue to explore possibilities.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to tell us about this particular application! We are constantly developing and releasing new products, and you can see some of the recent ones here: New Products (

  • TRusselo
    edited October 2022

    RE: Power Delivery

    I was thinking a bit more,

    power adapter would not be needed for PD, duh.