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Captain's log, Stardate 2022: We are building a community.

Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan StarTech.com Employee
edited February 2022 in Discover Our Community

10 PRINT "Hello, World!"

I'm Jeff and I'm responsible for content & community at StarTech.com. 

Before StarTech.com I was in charge of an IT-Pro community at Dell, and before that I was a technical pre-sales support engineer at IBM, an implementation engineer, a software support technician, 3rd shift computer operator, grocery bagger and so on. 😊 

If you are seeing this message early in Feb or March of 2022, congratulations -- you are officially an early adopter!  At the time of this post, we’ve ‘soft-launched’ community, which is to say, we’ve turned things on and put in a few hooks on the main website here and there but aren’t broadcasting things just yet. It allows us to make sure the site and experience is working as designed prior to ramping up traffic/engagement more openly in the March time frame.  

If you’ve ever talked to our support department, you know we’re hyper-focused on customer experience and satisfaction. Community is another significant step in that direction. 

We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring this platform online to make your experience with StarTech.com products, technology and team members that much better.  We’re anchoring heavily on IT-Pro centered technical information in our knowledgebase and then actively monitoring forums and the product feedback focused Idea Station. 

We’re super glad you are here. Got a question? Suggestions for improvements? Or just want to say hello and introduce yourself? Please feel free to respond to this post or hit us up at [email protected]

Take care,