Adapter to connect 2nd 2K display to an M1 iMac?

Hi everyone,

I currently have an M1 iMac with one 2K (1440p) display connected via USB-C. I’d like to connect a second 2K display and, if possible, connect to the display’s HDMI port instead of DisplayPort.

Is the “USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI External Multi Monitor Graphics Adapter” (USB32HD4K) the one i should get, or is there another one better suited?

thanks for reading!

Hello Kurt, and thank you for your interest in our Community.

Our USB32HD4K adapter uses the software-based DisplayLink technology and will allow you to add a second monitor to an M1 iMac. Furthermore, it is capable of supporting a resolution of 2K (1440p) over HDMI. However, you’ll want to make sure that your monitor does supports this resolution specifically over HDMI as many monitors will have different resolution capabilities depending on if they are using their DisplayPort input or HDMI.

If this did not address your inquiry, please let us know


Hi Emmanuel.

Many thanks for confirming that. My monitor (Gigabyte M32Q) does indeed support 2K over HDMI, so it should be OK.