Captain's log, Stardate 2023: Welcome to Community 2.0

10 PRINT “Hello, World!”

I’m Jeff and I’m responsible for content & community at

We’ve moved to a new platform with a new look, but the mission remains the same: Provide a venue where you can engage product experts and other IT pros, get help with products, and learn about new products and technologies.

If you’ve ever talked to our support department, you know we’re hyper-focused on customer experience and satisfaction. Community is another significant step in that direction.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring this platform online to make your experience with products, technology and team members that much better. We’re anchoring heavily on IT pro-centered technical information in our knowledge base and then actively monitoring forums and product feedback.

We’re super glad you are here. Got a question? Suggestions for improvements? Or just want to say hello and introduce yourself? Please feel free to respond to this post or hit us up at

Take care,


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Hey Jeff, It’s great to see the community revived and refreshed. I look forward to participating.

PS. I’m not a fan of ten-character passwords for message boards, but it’s your candy store.

Hey Tim, thanks for the feedback! Blame Discourse (the platform we’re on.) I’ll see if we can’t implement retinal scanners instead. :slight_smile: