Is it possible to have the connector dimensions for these two HDMI cables?

Hi everyone!

I’m quite interested in buying a 25 meters HDMI cable. However, this cable needs to pass thru a duct.

Given this situation, I’m trying to fetch the info about the dimensions for these two cables. The outside diameter is informed by Startech, but not the length and width for the connectors themselves.

Is it possible to have that info?

80 ft Active High Speed HDMI Cable - HDMI® Cables & HDMI Adapters (

98ft/30m Active HDMI Cable 4K CL2 Rated - HDMI® Cables & HDMI Adapters (

Just need to understand the dimensions for the cable terminals (and if the fit into the duct).

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Hello @danielk4 ! Thank you for posting your question.

That makes perfect sense. It’s definitely best to check before purchasing!

I’m looking into this for you and will follow up here once I have more details.


thanks @JeanS! I’ll be looking forward for your response.

Thanks for your patience!

We’re still waiting on the official diagrams to be updated, but in the meantime we were able to get both cables and measure the connectors for you. The following are close approximate dimensions:

HDMIMM80AC - 20.19mm x 10.36mm

HDMM30MA - 20.45mm x 11.43mm

I’ll update this post once the updated diagrams are available!


Hi @JeanS

Thanks for your response. That information will be very helpful in the meantime.

I appreciate it. Will be expecting more information if it’s available.

Hi @JeanS

We were checking the information. When I look at the pictures one of the terminals look smaller (30 m cable).

Would you confirm please both terminals are the same size? Perhaps it’s just a graphic confusion.

Thanks in advance!!


Hello @danielk4 ! Thank you for your response. The following are close approximate dimensions for the HDMM30MA and HDMIMM80AC.

HDMM30MA and HDMIMM80AC - molding on both connectors 20mm wide, molding on Source: 26mm long, 10mm thick, length of molding on Display: 37mm, 11mm thick.


Hi @AthaT thanks for your reply!

That’s very helpful. Appreciate it!.

I think all of my doubts were responded hehe. Thanks to all of you.