Memory card (SD, CFexpress, etc) direct copy/backup to hard drive without computer

Such devices have existed in the past but seem to disappear as soon as the appear in the market. Seems like such a simple thing that is immensely helpful to video and photo professionals or anyone who needs to quickly backup memory card data data to a larger, slower storage medium in the field. Epson made “Multimedia Viewer” devices back in the 2000’s. More recently the Gnarbox brand appeared and quickly vanished. I realize the rub here is that the device must contain its own, albeit limited, OS capable of controlling the external and internal storage. Really all these things need to do it blindly clone the entire contents of an inserted or attached card into a new datetime named folder on the internal storage disk. Ideally some kind of basic feedback showing activity and success/failure/completion is needed for the user interface. A screen isn’t even needed. Just a couple LED’s would do it.

Great suggestion @jbuzz !