Installing / configuring a Dual Disk Enclosure (S352BU313R) with previously used disks

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Scenario:- I wanted to set up a new S352BU313R with 2 WD blue disks as RAID 0

Following the supplied manual and on line info I could not set up the S352BU313R as RAID 0 (stripped). Also a yellow sticked inside the enclose states the HDD must be FORMATTED .

In my opinion the instructions are incorrect.

This is how I got it to work:-

First, ensure the dip switches are both set to OFF

Install the hard drives, connect the enclosure to (Windows) PC , power up. In Disk Management I could see both disks and the existing volumes. Data was visible in explorer etc.

Using diskpart (via CMD as administrator), select each disk and CLEAN to remove existing partitions and reset the disk to unititialized.

Power off the enclosure, set the dip switches for RAID 0, power up and ensure the enclosure IS connected to the PC. Press the RAID button and release once the disk LEDs turn on.

(I tried without the enclosure being connect to the PC and pressing the RAID button for over 10 secs had no effect)

Using Disk Management on the PC, the RAID array is shown as unknown. It can now be initialized and formatted as required.

Hope other users find this useful

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience configuring RAID on the S352BU313R enclosure. I’m also looking into the accuracy/clarity of the available documentation, to hopefully help avoid other customers facing similar issues in the future.

Based on your feedback, and further internal testing, I’ve created a new KB article with detailed steps for configuring RAID on the S352BU313R. We appreciate you helping us improve documentation for other users!