KVM with Ethernet for sending selections for switching

I recently acquired a SV431DVIUDDM for the purpose of sharing one keyboard and mouse between one laptop and two desktop computers.

I can not stress enough how much I love this device. It’s so much better than using Synergy or Barrier for the same purpose. USB DDC copy and emulation is the best.

One thing that I do miss however, is the ability to move the mouse from one side of the screen, and have the keyboard and mouse jump to the other screen. I would love to have this functionality.

This should be able to be somewhat easily done with my late model KVM, by having a server that sends serial commands to the KVM. Sadly, newer KVM models manufactured by Startech do not provide this.

Can we get a KVM that has simple support for swapping inputs via UDP on an Ethernet port? If that’s not possible, can we have a simple USB device that is exposed on the USB hub that allows clients on the hosts to listen to events (such as what computer is being switched to) and send events (such as switching to a specific computer)?

This, with the addition of a client running on each machine on the KVM would allow the mouse and keyboard to go from one screen to another seamlessly*.