No 5.1 DD+ with Startech HD202A and Chromecast with google tv (4K) to receiver spdif Onkyo TXNR809

I’m using Startech HD202A to split audio from HDMI coming from 4k version of Google Chromecast with Google TV. HD202A is connected to my receiver Onkyo TXNR809 via toslink.

What works:
PCM 2.0
What does not work:
5.1 sound from Neflix/Disney+, source probably is DD+

If I remove Startech HD202A and use my television to split the audio to toslink instead , TV converts sound to plain DD for receiver and it works.

Is HD202A incapable to extract/passtrough DD when source is DD+?

Hello @f_rele,

Thank you for taking the time to ask your question on the community.

Keep in mind that all of our products are HDCP compliant. Netflix and Disney+ content will likely be copy protected using HDCP so this may be part of what is occurring. The level and type of protection may vary depending on the HDCP instructions and the devices.

I have also checked on the capabilities of the HD202A on the technical specifications page and I see that Dolby Digital is supported.

HD202A Technical Specifications - Extractor - 4K HDMI Audio De-embedder - Audio Signal Converters | Audio-Video Products |

If it is possible, I might suggest a simple test to see if we can further narrow down what is happening. Would you happen to have another HDMI source that can output Dolby Digital Plus content that could be tested with the HD202A?

Can I also ask how long you have had the HD202A and if it has worked correctly for you before?

Please reply with any details you can and we can begin looking into this further with you.