USB-C interface compatibile cable

What USB-C to USB-C cable I should use for USB-C interfaces with specification or description as below please ?:
Especialy I am interested in interface
1x USB C uplink connection incl. 24 V for system unit resp.
1 x USB type C 3.0 DRP (uplink connection to the system with PD 5 V/24 V)
1 x USB C (with PD 5 V/12 V + DisplayPort) resp.
1 x USB type C 3.0 DFP (with PD 5 V/12 V and DisplayPort support)
Many thanks in advance.

Hello @jbelansky and thank you for your interest in our Community.

At this moment, our USB-C cables are all rated up to 5A / 20V maximum (Power Delivery at 100W). You can find them on this link: USB-C Cable List. However, none of them are rated for 24V. They will work perfectly fine for 12V (the second request).

For one with DisplayPort support, it will depend on the needed length. The list will mention those with DisplayPort support (called DP Alt). Here are some examples:

I hope this helps! Please let us know if there’s anything else we could help you with.

Emmanuel B.