USB Hub for Nitro 5 AN517-41 NH.QAREK.00E

Good day,

I bought the subject laptop and to my surprise it doesn’t have video over USB. I’m stuck a bit as I’d like to get a hub that would allow me to use video over USB. The laptop has USB 3.2 I don’t have €300 for a hub, so if there isn’t anything in the €100-200 range then if someone can suggest just a USB C or A to HDMI converter that would give me video over USB I would appreciate that greatly.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your question! Since it appears the USB-C port on that laptop doesn’t support DP-Alt mode as you mentioned, the best option is likely a USB-A to HDMI adapter like our USB32HDEH. This adapter requires drivers to be installed and supports up to 1920x1200 resolutions over HDMI.

This adapter features a USB-A hub port, so you don’t reduce the total number of USB-A ports available on your laptop. Please also keep in mind USB video adapters like this are not intended for graphics-intensive applications, such as gaming.