USB32HDES Tray Icon


I am a new USB32HDES owner, the instruction manual refers to a USB Video Adapter Icon in the Windows System Tray. I do not have one, is this a utility found on the CD that came with the adapter?

Specifically I am looking for a way to enter a custom aspect ratio, typical Windows display settings don’t have that ability.


Thank you,


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Hi Archie,

This is an old reference, and the System Tray icon was removed a while back in an older build of Windows 10, as all it did was act as a shortcut to the Windows Display settings. As a result, this also means that it does not let you set a custom resolution/aspect ratio since it just opens the Windows display settings.

Typically, a custom resolution is something only doable via a full-blown GPU such as an Nvidia, or AMD card, or an Intel iGP. Each has their own respective software allowing this; Nvidia Control Panel, AMD Adrenalin, Intel Control Panel. Neither of these will work with the USB32HDES as it’s not powered by any of those graphics options.