dock with dual USB-C

Idea from a tech support training today: dock with dual USB-C to exceed 100W charge.

Example: Dell Performance Dock – WD19DCS | Dell USA

HI @KBernard,

This is a great idea but would not be possible for us to implement. The short of it, is Dell can do that because they make both the dock, and the laptop. USB-C PD uses some messages to determine what power to send out, and Dell uses their own proprietary message that the docks and laptops recognize, and so they can get 130W. This is also why those dual docks have a tethered cable so you don’t have to worry about it, and, why those docks will drop to 100W or sometimes even 60W when used on non-Dell machines. We can’t just copy that custom Dell profile either as we are not Dell nor do we have permission to use it. Nobody outside of Dell is allowed to use their customer profile.

With that being said, USB-C Power Delivery 3.2 is out, and allows for 140W (28V @ 5A), 180W (36V @ 5A) and 240W (48V @ 5A) which newer USB-C PD hosts may take advantage of in the future. For right now, I’m not aware of any host that can accept these newer profiles, and any laptop that can accept 100W max through normal PD, would still pull only that from these newer chargers.

I hope this addresses your idea!