Ethernet drops out on high CPU load for USB-C Multiport Adapter

I have the 127B-USBC-MULTIPORT plugged into gigabit ethernet, and when the computer is under heavy load, such as during or video calls, the ethernet port on the hub drops out and reconnects. The built in ethernet on the laptop does not have this issue.

Laptop is a Dell Latitude 5530 i7-1270P with Windows 10 22H2.

Hello @bjedomzyek,

Thank you for posting on the Community!

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with 127B-USBC-MULTIPORT.

Can I please ask if you have installed the ethernet drivers for the adapter or if you are using drivers automatically installed by Windows? If you have not already done so, I would recommend reinstalling the latest drivers from our website here.

Can I also ask if any other functions on the adapter, such as the USB ports or HDMI, are affected as well or if only the ethernet connection is affected?

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Lukas T

I tried installing those drivers, but I’m still having this issue. Current ethernet driver version is I have not had issues with HDMI and USB ports.

Plugging in a 90W USB-C power into the adapter to feed power to the laptop instead of directly plugging power to the laptop seems to slightly reduce the incidence of error, but does not eliminate it.

Hello @bjedomzyek,

Thank you for installing the drivers as well as testing with connecting a USB-C power supply connected to our adapter.

I would next suggest reinstalling the latest USB drivers for your laptop itself from Dell. Even if you are already on the latest version, sometimes reinstalling these can help with strange issues.

If the above does not help, is there another computer you may be able to test our adapter with to see if the adapter experiences the issue with a different setup or if it is isolated to this specific computer? If possible, I would recommend testing the adapter with a different model of computer.

I look forward to hearing your results.

Lukas T

I could not find USB drivers from Dell for this laptop, I think it’s using the default Microsoft drivers. I’ll try testing against another laptop later.