How to fix Windows 10 network adapter issue?

Good morning!
We started using the US1GA30SXSC Fiber to USB-C converters.
I have to problem that every time I re-plug the converter to the USB port or restart the computer, Windows creates a new network adapter for it. If the network would run on DHCP this would be no problem, but we are running on static configuration. Thats causes the laptop to always lose its static IP because of the new adapter popping up.

We updated all drivers and firmware for the laptop but the problem is still ongoing.
Did someone faced this issue already and have solution for it?

Hello @N33D0x,

Thank you for taking the time to ask your question on the Community. I am sorry about the US1GA30SXSC creating a new connection each time it is connected or when the computer is restarted.

After reviewing our product data and notes for the US1GA30SXSC, it seems that we have not seen this before. Thank you for confirming the latest drivers and firmware are installed on the computer. We can certainly take some time to understand what is occurring, and help find a solution.

  1. Do you have more than one US1GA30SXSC or just this one unit?
  2. Can you tell us more about the computer used with the US1GA30SXSC? Full model information may be helpful.
  3. Is the new entry for the US1GA30SXSC created in the device manager, or is it creating a new network connection in the Ethernet section of the Network & Internet settings?
  4. Can you describe network device that is being connected to the US1GA30SXSC? Again, model information may help.
We can suggest a couple of troubleshooting steps.
  1. Can you confirm if the latest drivers for the US1GA30SXSC are installed from the website?
  2. Can you test the US1GA30SXSC with a different computer to see if the results occur there?
Please get back to us with any details you can, and let us know if there are any changes with the troubleshooting suggestions, we can certainly do our best to help.