ICUSBAUDIO7D Line Input Selection

I cannot get the line input to Audacity.

The Windows Sound settings clearly show that there is audio present, but Audacity cannot ‘hear’ this input.

Please help,

Hello @TomC and thank you for your interest in our Community.

If your Windows Sound settings show audio variation (level) correctly moving as you speak to a microphone connected to our ICUSBAUDIO7D, this would confirm that the device is well setup, correctly connected and that the computer does indeed receive sound properly.

In that case, I believe the best would be to validate the configurations in Audacity to ensure that is has the proper permissions (App settings for Microphone access), configurations (correct Input device selected) and settings (recording volume and other aspects) to support recording. One other thing you can do is ensure that the sensitivity is high enough for your usage (this can be changed both from Windows as well as through our Xear app).

Although we can’t exactly help you with configuring and troubleshooting Audacity itself, what I can say is that by personal experience that software does work perfectly fine with our device and shouldn’t need any special or particular settings to work. It’s mostly about making sure that the right input source is used and selected.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with.