Leveling Up and Earning Badges

We want to reward you for contributing to the StarTech.com IT Pro Community, which is why we’ve implemented a points and ranking system that is directly associated with member participation.

There are currently five levels that can be achieved within the StarTech.com community. As soon as you join the community you are awarded Level 1 and through your participation you can earn points and badges to continue to level up.

StarTech.com IT Pro Community Ranks

Level 1: 0 Points

Level 2: 50 Points

Level 3: 100 Points

Level 4: 250 Points

Level 5: 500 Points

StarTech.com IT Pro Community Badges

The Connector

Earn this badge the first time to mention (@) another member in your post.


Upload your profile picture to earn this badge.

Tech Expert

Earn this badge for every year of your community membership. There are 11 levels to this badge.

Solution Solver

This badge is awarded when you provide accepted answers to community member questions. This badge has 6 levels.

Connectivity Contributor

Earn this badge for commenting on community discussions. This badge has 10 levels.


Get rewarded when you share content users find valuable and that they show their appreciation for with a Like. There are 10 levels for this badge.

StarTech.com Select

Our StarTech.com Select badge is given to community members and customers who continuously show their support for StarTech.com and our products. This badge is awarded as a thank you for providing helpful solutions and showcasing how StarTech.com makes IT connectivity easy.

To view all available badges and their corresponding points, visit https://community.startech.com/badges.

Earning Points Within the StarTech.com IT Pro Community

  1. There are four ways to earn points within the community:

    Earn badges through specific actions and engagements

  2. Receive likes on a valuable post you share
  3. Provide answers to member questions
  4. Have your answer be selected as the "Accepted Answer"

Our points and ranking system is a great way to add some excitement to your StarTech.com IT Pro Community experience. While we understand that earning badges and leveling up can be motivating, we ask that you continue to respect our Community Guidelines in all interactions within the community.