Posting in the IT Pro Community

We encourage our members to post questions and start discussions around connectivity and technology topics they’re interested in. Our team, as well as other community members, are here to help!

Posting within the community is easy and requires just a few simple steps.

Find the Right Location

Navigate to the forum category that is most relevant to your topic of interest. To do this click “Forums” in your top navigation menu.


If you begin a post from the homepage, you will be asked to select the proper forum category your discussion should be added to. A post can only be applied to one category.

The available categories include:

Docking & Connectivity

  • : laptop docks, multiport adapters, USB hubs, display & video adapters

Workspace Solutions

  • : display mounts, ergonomics & desk accessories, laptop bags

Networking & Edge Connectivity

  • : networking, serial, add-on cards, drive accessories, tools


  • : USB, Thunderbolt, Lightning, network, structured wiring, AV

Power & Charging

  • : PDUs, USB wall chargers, wireless chargers, DC power adapters

Around the Watercooler

  • : General conversation, not related to a specific product or technology category

Discover Our Community

  • : Questions and discussion related to the community

Select The Proper Type of Post

Click the “New Post” button and select the option that applies to the type of post you’re making.


Draft Your Post

As a best practice, we recommend using search before posting a discussion or question to check if a chat has already been started around your topic. If you can’t find what you’re looking for within the community, write your question or discussion post with as much detail as you feel is required. You can also include emojis, external links, and images in your post. Please ensure you are following and respecting our Community Guidelines in every piece of content you share.

Tagging Your Post

We recommend including tags in your post. There are several preexisting tags within the Community, and these are searchable via the “Tags” search bar within the discussion posting window. Simply search terms relevant to your post (including product SKU, brand, technology) and include them if they’re available.