Problems with UltraWide Screen Monitor 3440X1440 MacOS

Good morning,

I have a DK30CH2DPPD Dockstation that I use for a Windows Laptop Lenovo T480 and an Macbook Pro 14" with M1 Pro Processor, I’m also using an Asus VG34VQL1B 34" monitor that is capable to display 3440X1440 and it is connected via HDMI Port

The main issue is if I connect the Windows Laptop (T480) to the dockstation I can get 3440X1440 resolution at 60Hz, however if I connect the Macbook Pro the max resolution I can get for this monitor is 2560X1080.

My question is why I’m getting the native resolution in Windows but in MacOS is not working? Is this an issue with M1 chips? or this is an issue with MacOS in general? is there a way to force the resolution in MacOS?

I reached Apple Support and they claim that is a limitation in the dockstation I know this is not true since in Windows I’m getting the full resolution.

Using Display Ports is not an option since they are controlled by Display Link chipset and they are laggy.

Hello @jorgeld ! Thank you for your post.

Given the nature of the issue you’re experiencing, we’ve opened case #488-1253075 and encourage you to contact us directly for support (we offer Live Chat, Email, and Phone). Please include the case number and mention “Community post support” when reaching out.

Thanks in advance! We look forward to hearing from you.