Question on Hard Drive Duplicator Docks vs Software.

Iv recently been cloning more SSD to replace older HHDs,

and it never occurred to me to get a drive duplicator,

If all you need to do is move data from smaller storage hhds to larger ssd I could see y the drive cloner would come in handy.

Is there a downside or limitation on using hardware vs software for simple cloning?

*This might be a dumb question and I doubt this is the case but will this screw with the firmware of the target SSD if its a totally different drive ?

Hello @matt! Thank you for posting your question.

To answer your second question first, our drive duplicators will not modify your drive(s) firmware. You can absolutely duplicate different drive brands/models interchangeably!

Our drive duplicators have the benefit of allowing you to copy drives without any computer involvement and are ideal when you would like to make exact copies down to the sector. As far as limitations, I’ve linked a few articles below which discuss them in more detail.

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Can I copy from a larger to smaller capacity drive, or from one brand of drive to another if they are the same listed capacity?

Can I use a hard drive duplicator to copy from a failing or damaged drive?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again!