Searching for a usb c hub that has power delivery pass through but does not get bus power from the host


I am searching for usbc hub or dock that needs a power supply to pass through power to the host (Android Tablet) and connected usb devices but does not get powered by the tablet when the power supply gets disconnected from the hub/dock so that there is no battery drain from the tablet when the power supply is disconnected. Does any usb-c hub from Startech support this type of power management (USB-C power=yes , bus power=no)
Thanks for any info.

Hello @Tobias.s ,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here on the Community.

We can certainly take some time to see if there is a USB-C hub or dock that will provide power but will not draw power from the USB-C host, the Android Tablet in the case.

Could share some more details about what you would like to accomplish with the hub or dock, and the model information for the devices that will be connected? These details may help us begin to understand the power, and data connectivity, needs and begin to make recomendations.

Please provide as much detail as you can and we will be happy to look into a USB power solution with you.