Windows do not open to full screen, taskbar only


I purchased the USB32HD2 so I could operate 2 extended monitors for my Dell Inspirion 3880. Driver was downloaded from, and system connected properly as instructed. When re-starting the machine, both monitors power up, and windows home screen appears with taskbars present. When clicking on an app icon in the taskbar, the app/icon will open, but will not enlarge to fill the screen. If I hover the mouse over the app icon, it shows to be open, but clicking the thumbnail does nothing. I am currently running Windows 10. Graphics card is Intel UHD Graphics 630. Thank you in advance.

Hello Shad and thank you for your interest in our Community.

From your description, it seems like the app may have remembered a position outside of the frame of the monitors. What I would recommend you to do would be to make sure to click once on your App’s task bar icon to make sure it is currently selected and active, and then press and hold the “Windows Key” + “Shift” key. While holding these two keys, press the arrows “Left” or “Right” a few times in order to move the window around. This should allow you to bring back the app into the frame of the monitors.

If you require any additional assistance or still experience the same issue, please do not hesitate to contact us again!

Emmanuel B.

Thank you for your reply Emmanuel. I hope you’re doing well. It is not an issue with what you described. For some reason, the USB32HD2 is not allowing the window to open when both monitors are connected to it. I have disconnected both monitors from the dongle and with only one monitor plugged it, it works as it should. With two monitors plugged into the dongle, the icons in the taskbar will not open fully. If I hover over the icon, I can see the page is open, but it will not allow me to open the page onto the screen. The Windows start button will open fully, but I am unable to open applications from there either.

Hello Shad, I’m doing well! Thanks for asking, I hope you are as well.

Given the nature of the issue you are experiencing, I have opened a case # 342-1242413 and encourage you to contact us at Please include the case number and “Community Post Support” in the subject line.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Emmanuel B.