USB56KEMH2 Fax Modem Windows 10 Setup Guide

This guide shows how drivers look from auto-install vs. drivers, how to set up the modem in Windows Fax and Scan, how the adapter should appear and react, and the steps to test basic functionality on a fax/phone line.

1. After being plugged in the first time the fax modem will auto-install the generic Microsoft driver, usually version 10.x.x.x or similar. After installing the drivers on our website it will appear as below.

2. Open Windows Fax and Scan, and then Tools > Fax Settings. The following tab is the only thing you should need to change for mirroring the image below, all other tabs have been left default.

3. Next, open Tools > Fax Accounts and you will see the following screen:


4. Click add, and choose:

  • “Connect to a Fax Modem”
  • Name the modem (Name will not matter)
  • Select “Answer automatically (recommended)”
  • Allow the modem through the firewall if it asks for permission

5. Sending a test fax. Formatting should be area code followed by the number [Ex/ 519xxxxxxx] however this can change depending on the dialling rules of the phone line used such as having to dial 9 to dial out or requiring a country code prefix. Contact your fax/phone line provider or administrator

  • As a test, enter a cellphone number as the recipient to confirm if sending works when no fax machine is available.

    1. Once the fax is attempted to be sent, a window asking for location setup will appear:

    a. Enter any information specific to the phone line / location you will be sending from to create a dialling rule as below (typically most lines will use tone dialling).

    7. The fax should now attempt to send.

    • If it is being sent to a fax machine:

      • If it is being sent to a cellphone:

        Specific phone numbers have been edited for privacy. This guide is meant as a reference only