what does [Scrl Lk] + [Scrl Lk] + [Q] mean as a hotkey for SV211KDVI

do i press [Scrl Lk] and then [Scrl Lk] + [Q] together?? or type each separately?

I have an SV211KDVI switch - keyboard, mouse and monitor are working as advertised, but audio out does not seem to work - I have not tried the USB hubs yet

Hello @pjonez

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The hotkeys do not need to be pressed at the same time, each key should be pressed sequentially within 2 seconds of the last key. So for the combination you mentioned, it would be [Scrl Lk], then press [Scrl Lk] again, and then [Q].

If the audio through SV211KDVI is not working, please make sure you are using the DVI/Audio&Mic combo cables we include with the KVM to connect the computer’s audio output to the KVM as standard DVI cables will not transmit audio. Also I would recommend checking that your computer’s sound settings are set to the correct output device for the ports the combo cable connects to.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.

Lukas T

thanks - I DID eventually find the spot in the manual where it mentions pressing the keys sequentially within 2 seconds and they are working properly

also I did try the USB hub and it is switching my USB webcam nicely

however, my computers and monitor only support the standard DVI-D digital cables so I was hoping that the front panel speaker out port would solve the audio problem via USB, but no luck so far

Hello @pjonez

Thank you for the update!

I am happy to hear that you were able to find the note about the hotkeys in the manual, and that the USB hub ports are working for you!

The DVI/Audio combo cables use a unique pinout to transmit both the video and audio over the DVI-I port as DVI is not normally able to support an audio signal. If your computer is not able not support the 29 pin DVI-I connector on the cables we include and will only support DVI-D, then unfortunately the audio ports on the KVM will not work.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

If there is anything else we could help with, please let us know.

Lukas T

While I am a bit disappointed that the front panel mic and headphone jacks won’t work without the 29 pin connector to deliver the audio, I HAVE found an inexpensive USB sound adapter (only 12 bucks Canadian :slight_smile: that is allowing me to switch my speakers between the 2 computers.