Add USB-C Power Delivery to MSTCDP123HD

In order to use a 1 USB-C port laptop together with the adapter so it can both charge and display at the same time.

I’m using a laptop which has only one USB-C port (Lenovo E15 Gen 2). This port is used for video signal through Thunderbolt 4 and also as power source for charging the laptop. When using MSTCDP123HD it’s not possible to charge the laptop and therefor I have to choose between charging the laptop or using the 3x HDMI-displays I have.

As a solution right now I’m using MSTMDP123HD (which I already had) together with a Delock adapter ( This way I’m able to use the video signal and charge the laptop at the same time.

Laptop ↔ Delock 62990 ↔ MSTMDP123HD + Power Adapter ↔ 3x HDMI-display

Hi Julian,

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