Does the PM1115UW work with any printer that works on CUPS?

Would the PM1115UW work with any printer that also works on CUPS?

If the answer is something like: ‘no, that it would work under CUPS is no garantuee that it is compatible with the PM1115UW printserver’ I would like to know more specifically: would it work with a Zebra thermal printer?


The PM115UW should work with CUPS. I’ve personally set it up with several models of Zebra printers throughout my time here for customers in Windows, and macOS, including having to enable CUPS in macOS at least once.

What operating system are you looking to add the printer to, and which specific model? I can do a quick check to see if we’ve got any old cases of it working in such a setup.


Zebra LP2844 with Linux (Debian specifically

I have found 25 cases of the Zebra LP 2844, being used with our printer servers (some on the PM1115UW and some on the PM1115U2) with most being in Windows but about 5 cases were in Mac OSX or macOS. As such, I expect the printer itself to work fine, provided the correct driver is chosen when adding the printer to the OS. In terms of working with CUPS, it’s my understanding that macOS uses CUPS for printing which means it should be fine in Linux as well.

There’s no software for configuring the PM1115UW outside of Windows, and so configuring this in your case will need to be done via the WebUI. We have some pretty in-depth setup material for doing this:
go to page 7 for the manual setup which is done via the WebUI. This listed version is OS agnostic in that we don’t call out any OS specific menus, so you’ll need to know how to navigate this on your own.

Are you familiar with changing your IP configuration within Linux?

Additionally, we do not have FAQs on adding a printer in Linux, so you’ll have to know that as well. We don’t have an FAQ for Linux as the method will vary based on the distro in use.