Problems installing PM1115UW in windows 11

I just purchased the PM1115UW to use my old HP Color Laserjet 1600 on the network, but am having problems using the supplied software.
It allows me to start it up, but on searching for the server, it dumps me back out.
I can get into the webpage on my network, but it does not allow usage of the server software, so what is going wrong? I tried using it as an administrator, and compatibility with windows 7, but no difference.
Do I have to use the webpage all the time?

Hello @DerickB,

Welcome to the Community.

I am sorry to hear about the difficulty experienced with the software supplied with the PM1115UW.

The software is definitely optional and is not required. The web interface can be used to set up the PM1115UW on the network initially. Once the unit is available on your network any additional setup steps can be performed using the options built into the operating system on the computers in your network.

Have you found our installation guides on here on the Community? I will share a couple of links

I hope that these links help you get up and running. But let me know if you have more questions. We certainly do our best to make sure the PM1115UW is working correctly for you.



I got it working but when it starts printing it does not stop. It keeps printing page after page.
So there is another problem in the set up of the printer with it.
The printer is a HP Color LaserJet 1600 and it has always worked ok with the USB connection, so there must be a problem with the setup of the TcpIp port.

Hello @DerickB,

Thank you for confirming that you were able to get the PM1115UW up and running.

I am sorry about continuous printing issue experienced with the HP Color LaserJet 1600 when connected to the PM1115UW.

There are definitely a few things to try to resolve this.

To isolate the issue, we might suggest setting up another computer on your network with the PM1115UW and test to see if the issue persists there. If he issue does not persist then it may be good to focus on the drivers and settings on the first computer. If it dose persist on a second computer we may want to check the PM1115UW settings directly or review compatibility with the printer.

On the main computer may want to confirm the driver used for the HP printer or try a different driver if there are other versions available.

Are either of these tests possible?

You are certainly also welcome to reach out to us directly for live support: Support

Please let us know if these suggestions are helpful, and we can certainly recommend some more steps.



Exactly the same problem. Multiple identical tasks are created and the printer constantly prints. HP 1018 printer. Tried drivers from 1020 and 1022.
Windows 11.