SATDOCK2REU3 Not working with gateway laptop

My SATDOCK2REU3 was working fine on my old dell laptop, but not at all on my new gateway laptop. What am I missing? Figured it would be plug-and-play(windows 11)

Hello @Paulnutter ,

Welcome to the Community, and thank you for posting your question here.

You are right, the SATDOCK2REU3 should certainly enjoy plug-and-play compatibility on a Windows 11 computer.

The SATDOCK2REU3 has two modes. In docking station mode you will be able to access the drives connected to it via a USB connection to a computer. In standalone mode the SATDOCK2REU3 can be used to duplicate or erase drives. To place the SATDOCK2REU3 in docking station mode ensure a USB cable is connected between the unit and your laptop before it is powered on.

One simple step may be to power cycle the SATDOCK2REU3 while it is connected to the laptop to ensure that it will be in docking station mode.

When the SATDOCK2REU3 is connected to the new laptop, do you see any indication that Windows 11 recognizes a new USB connection? Often there is a audio prompt or a notification. If you are familiar with the disk management utility in Windows 11, please do check to see if any new devices are recognized there. Be careful if you are not very familiar with the disk management utility as data loss can occur if you accept the prompt to initialize “new” disks.

May I ask which operating system was running on the old Dell laptop? Can you relay some more information about the drives that were used in the SATDOCK2REU3 on the old system and if there were any special partitions used? Model information and software names may help if there were special applications used with the drives too.

Please let us know what you find and reply with as much detail as you can and we will help in any way we can.