Startech SATADOCK22UE dock not reading drive's full capacity 3TB

Hello. We have a Startech SATA hard drive docking station, model SATADOCK22UE. Although the dock product description states: Max Drive Capacity - … tested with up to 4TB 3.5" hard drives per bay … However this dock cannot detect the drive’s full capacity 3TB, showing 746GB in Disk Mgt & DISKPART (Win 10). The disk is formatted as GPT. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver is version 13 (below 10.1 reported as problematic). Does the SATADOCK22UE actually not work with drives >2TB? Its specs states otherwise. We also have a model SDOCK2U33EB which will work with the 3TB drive just fine in DISKPART, etc. Refs:

Thanks for your question. Since the enclosure has been tested to work with up to 4TB drives, and you have already explored the other options that could cause this issue (GPT, IRST driver), it sounds like this behaviour is caused by an incompatibility between that particular model of drive and the chipset used in the older SATADOCK22UE.

Just wanted to follow up here. I looked into this behaviour further and noticed we’ve had some previous reports of some makes/models of 3TB or 4TB drives not being correctly detected in the SATADOCK22UE. Based on the troubleshooting you’ve already done, and especially since the same drive does work in our newer SDOCK2U33EB, I’m rather sure it is related to this scattered chipset compatibility issue.

That SATADOCK22UE has been discontinued for some time now, and its successor is actually the SDOCK2U33EB you already have. Hopefully, you can repurpose the older one for use with smaller drives in your environment. I’m glad to hear the newer one is working, and I’m sorry I don’t have an easy fix to suggest for that older unit.