Thunderbolt 3 DOCK (TB3CDK2DH) not working with updated Intel Iris Xe Graphics drivers

Hello there,

I have a user with a Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G2 ITL Laptop - Type 20VE and she is using a Startech Thunderbolt 3 Dock (model: TB3CDK2DH).

The Lenovo Thinkbook uses Intel Iris Xe Graphics and lately she’s been having issues where she has two monitors connected via DisplayPort and HDMI to the Startech Thunderbolt 3 dock, which is connected to the laptop and then when the Intel Iris Xe Graphics driver updates itself, the monitors will stop displaying entirely, although when I remote in, the monitors work fine.

The laptop recently updated to Windows 10 22H2 and I ended up downgrading the Intel Iris Xe Graphics driver to version and then the monitors are working fine.

I believe there’s some issue between the updated Intel drivers and the dock and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas on how to resolve this more effectively instead of having to downgrade the drivers every time it tries to do an update.

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Hello @BCTJayS,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear about the issue your user is having with our TB3CDK2DH. We recommend updating the laptop’s firmware, BIOS and performing any updates from the Lenovo Update Center.

If this does not resolve the issue, next I would suggest visiting Intel’s direct website to get the latest version of the graphics drivers as sometimes the Windows distributed driver is not the latest version.

Thank you for your time for help in troubleshooting the device. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lukas T

Hello, Lukas,

All the drivers/software/firmware/BIOS is up-to-date on the laptop and Windows updates are up-to-date.

I am not sure if you read my post carefully, but the problem is whenever the version of the installer Intel graphics driver is newer than, then the monitors connected to the dock will stop working. I have upgraded the driver several times to several different versions, including the latest. and the same issue happens.

I tried a Lenovo branded dock belonging to another laptop as a test and can confirm both monitors worked with it without issue.

I believe there’s a compatibility issue between the graphics card/driver and the dock. If you could provide any more info or advice, it would be appreciated.



Hello @BCTJayS ,

As you had mentioned that when you remote into the computer the monitors are detected and working, we know that Windows itself can recognize that the displays are detected.

The reason we had recommended the updates mentioned in my last reply is because we have seen performing updates like these and downloading a driver update direct from the graphics card manufacturer resolve similar issues in the past.

Can we ask what the models of the monitors being used with our dock are to look into if we have had any reported issues previously with them?

Would we also be able to ask the model of the Lenovo dock you had tested, and if the other laptop you tested was the same model or a different model? This could help us identify any differences between the setup that worked with the newer Intel drivers compared to the setup with our dock.

We would also recommend reaching out to Lenovo support to see if they may have heard of any issues between the ThinkBook 15 G2 ITL and any docks that use a Titan Ridge - JHL7440 chip like our dock uses.

Hello, Lukas,

We have updated the Graphics Drivers using the Intel drivers and unfortunately it yielded the same result. We have downgraded the drivers again.

However, I found an article that states the Intel Iris Xe Graphics Driver version and above are incompatible with DisplayLink 4K adapters, which is what the Startech dock has. DisplayLink was said to be aware of the issue and was working on a long term solution for this, but the following article was published on 4/22/21 and I don’t believe there has been a long term solution found yet. Although it appears some issues with Dell and other manufacturers’ docks were resolved using a firmware update.

Article is here for reference:

Also, according to another article found here:—blogs–press-center/docking–connectivity-blog/how-to-solve-the-displaylink-black-screen-issue-on-11th-gen-intel-cpus/

The DisplayLink software and drivers are fully up-to-date, but still not working.

Is there any chance that there could be a firmware update for this dock in the future that might resolve or is this something that your technical/engineering team could look into?



Hello @BCTJayS,

While our docks that used DisplayLink were affected by the compatibility issue with Intel Iris Xe drivers you had found, this was fortunately resolved in June 2021 with the release of DisplayLink’s driver version 10.1 M1.

Could we please reconfirm the model of the dock being used? The reason I ask is because you mention the dock is using DisplayLink drivers, while TB3CDK2DH does not have a DisplayLink chip and would not use these drivers. I just want to ensure we are troubleshooting the correct model of dock.

Would it be possible to test the dock with a different computer model that also is using the Intel Iris Xe drivers? This would help us determine if it is isolated to this single computer or if another computer experiences the same issue with the dock.

Lukas T

Hello, Lukas, the model of the dock is TB3CDK2DH.

The dock is offsite and likely can’t be tested on another computer right away unfortunately.

Hello @BCTJayS,

Thank you for the update.

This is not a commonly reported issue and we are looking into this further.

In order to help us investigate this issue, would you be able to please confirm the models of the monitors being used with our dock?

Lukas T

Hello @BCTJayS

  • ,

    In addition to asking for the models of the monitors being used, could I also confirm the following:

    Is our included Thunderbolt 3 cable being used to connect the dock to the computer?

  • When connecting the computer, is it being connected to the Thunderbolt 3 host port on the front of the dock or a different port?
  • Is our included power supply being used?

Lukas T

Hello, Lukas, the cable and power supply that came with the dock are both being used, yes. The laptop is connected to the port of the front of the dock.

The monitors connected to the dock are a Lenovo ThinkVision T24v-20 and a Lenovo ThinkVision T24i-2L.

Hello @BCTJayS ,

Thank you for confirming this.

Can I also confirm if our dock is completely disconnected then the Intel Iris Xe driver is updated, does the laptop’s built-in HDMI port also stop working or is it functional after the update?

Would we be able to ask for a System Information Report of the computer in a .NFO format to review as well? You can open the System Information application by searching for it or “msinfo32” from the Start menu and then save it as .NFO by clicking File in the top left and then Save.

Lukas T

Hello, Lukas

Yes, I can confirm when the dock is disconnected and the driver is updated, the HDMI port works and an external screen works without issue.

I tried to upload an .nfo file for msinfo32, but it is not an allowed file type when I try to attach it to a message.


Hello @BCTJayS,

Thank for testing that for us.

I apologize that uploading the .nfo file did not work. Could you try putting it in a zip file by right clicking the file then choosing “Send to” and then “Compress (zipped) folder”, zip files up to 50MB should be able to be uploaded and attached to a message on the community.

Lukas T

Hello, Lukas,

I have attached the file in a zip format.


Hello @BCTJayS,

Thanks for you the file.

We are looking into this and I will follow up with you as soon as I can.

Lukas T

Hello @BCTJayS ,

Can I confirm the 10 digit version number newest Intel Iris Xe that has been tested on this computer?

Some Lenovo laptops have a reset button on the bottom of them that we have seen help resolve strange issues before. If this laptop has a reset button, can you try pressing it while the computer is powered off and disconnected from the dock?

When the displays through the dock are not working, is there any change if the power is removed from the dock for about 10 seconds and then connecting it again?

Is this the only TB3CDK2DH your company has? Even if no other users are reporting issues are there any other users who have this dock and can I ask how many?

Lukas T