USB2VGAE2 Stopped Working - Windows 7

Hi, this is my first post. I am not an IT pro, but the closest thing our small company has. I’ve used the USB2VGAE2 for a couple years to give a Windows 7 desktop a third monitor. It stopped working. Ordered a replacement that doesn’t work, and tried a j5create adapter and it doesn’t work. All 3 adapters work on other workstations, though they are not Windows 7. Updated trigger drivers with no luck. Deleted and re-installed with the help of Startech support. Adapter gets power and initiates driver installation when plugged in. Monitor and VGA cable also work when connected directly to this machine. Not sure where this device should appear in device manager, but it appears as “USB Display Device (T1P)” beneath “Trigger USB Graphic Family”. It is not under “Display Adapters” as it appears on a neighboring computer, though that computer is not Win 7. Any ideas?

Hello @jsoileau,

Thank you for taking the time to post on the community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with USB2VGAE2.

I was able to locate your previous case and see that we had already exhausted all troubleshooting for our adapter. Based on the troubleshooting that had previously been done, as well as the information in your post here including reinstalling the USB2VGAE2 drivers, replacing the adapter with a new unit not resolving the issue and the adapters working properly with different workstations, this indicates that the source of the problem is likely something with the computer itself, such as its own drivers.

I would recommend checking with your computer manufacturer for any updates for your system such as chipset, USB controller or graphic card drivers, as well as the computer’s BIOS. Even if you are already on the latest version, I would recommend reinstalling these drivers as it can still help in some cases.

If these do not help, it would be best to contact the computer manufacturer’s support team for further assistance as we’ve determined the adapters themselves are not the source of the issue.

If there is anything else I could help with, please let me know!

Lukas T

Thanks for the response, and I agree it’s an issue with my computer. I had hoped this problem would seem familiar to someone, and they would share their fix.