Startech USB2VGAE2, how to install in Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS ?

I’m attempting to connect a second screen to an Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS PC.
I’m using a USB2VGAE2 USB to VGA converter.
It worked perfectly on a Windows system, but I couldn’t get it to work on Ubuntu.
I’ve read all I can find on the internet and tried everything, but it’s still not working.
Is this adapter not compatible with Linux?
Could you please help me?

Hi there @madasaca29, so sorry to hear abouut the issue you’re having!

Unfortunately, the USB2VGAE2 is not supported in Linux, and I do wish to apologiz efor this. We always list our supported operating systems on the Technical Specifications for any product, and you can find that list here:
We also mention this in the title, although this is maybe less clear than the compatibility listing:

If this could be in a better location, or communicated in a better way, let me know and I can look into things with the team to see if we can make it better.

With that being said, don’t fret as we do offer some solutions that support Ubuntu. We don’t currently have a filter for that OS compatibility as we do for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS so I’ll look into possibly getting it added. That being said, our DisplayLink powered USB adapters should generally all support Ubuntu, and these will generally be adapters supported by macOS and ChromeOS. If I filter to macOS on our site, and then filter to VGA we get some options:

Specifically, it lists our USB2VGAPRO, USB2VGAPRO2, and USB32HDVGA. We’d want to check if Ubuntu is supported, and your version before purchasing, so if we look in their Tech Specs and then check for the OS Compatibility we can see the following:


So, from thise we can see the USB2VGAPRO, and USB2VGAPRO2 both have support for Ubuntu 22.04 and should work for you. If you’re fine with letting us know what country you are in, we can get you some “Where to buy” links if you’d like to pick one of those two adapters up, just let us know. I hope all the images and extra explanation helps to show where we like to list our OS support, and how to confirm this in the future, but if you’re ever uncertain you can reach out to us via our live support here:


Oh, that’s so sad. I get it from Amazon, and I don’t notice that. Thank you for your response, maybe I will buy a USB2VGA PRO in the next few months. Thank you a lot!

Not a problem, and my apologies for the delayed response! You can always chat in with our support team as well if you have any issues with installing or using a product, or if you have compatibility
and we’re available 24/5 from 21:00 (9:00 PM) Eastern on Sunday, all through the week until 21:00 (9:00 PM) Eastern on Friday.

If you could, please go ahead and mark my above answer as accepted that way anyone coming across this in the future can quickly jump to the answer and know exactly what they may need to do as well.

Of course, should any other questions come up, feel free to use Community again, or as mentioned, you can reach out via our live support above.