What cables could I use to connect my old Epson GT10000 scanner to my laptop?

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling to connect my old scanner to my laptop as I’m not that tech savvy.

I used to use the iEEE1394 port directly to the PC, but that has finally called it a day so I want to connect to the laptop, which doesn’t have this option.

The Epson GT10000 has, I believe, a SCSI High Density DB 50 pin (clip type) slot and a serial port in addition to the iEEE1394 port.

The laptop has USB and an HDMI port.

Could anyone please help, my research is leading me in circles? Many thanks in advance!

Hello Josie and thank you for your interest in our Community.

I believe you are right about your Epson GT-10000 sporting an SCSI-II DB50 connection type. However, we do not make any SCSI products or connection for USB at this time. It may be possible to find a USB to SCSI-II DB50 adapter, however a quick search seem to indicate that those have mostly also been discontinued. To be perfectly honest, it may be a better solution to consider upgrading to a newer scanner in order to benefit from modern connectivity options.

I hope this helps! Please do feel free to contact us back again should there be anything else we could do to help.


Hi Emmanuel, I was afraid you may say that!

Never mind, thank you for taking the time to answer :slight_smile: