Why is my PC constantly trying to install my USB USB3AAEXT5M active cable?

Everytime I plug in the cable, Windows acts like it is installing the device, but keeps cycling the install so I get that chime sound non-stop. I’ve already tried pluggin in the cable to other USB ports on the same PC and get the same results.

Hello @j_morris,

Thank you for your post!

I am sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing with USB3AAEXT5M.

If this issue is occurring on all of the USB ports on your computer, I would recommend to try reinstalling the latest USB drivers from your computer or motherboard’s manufacturer. Even if other USB devices are working properly, reinstalling these drivers can sometimes help solve strange situations.

If you continue to have problems after reinstalling the drivers, I would also recommend testing the cable with another computer to help isolate the problem and determine if USB3AAEXT5M works elsewhere or if it experiences a similar issue.

Please let us know if these steps help. We look forward to hearing back from you!

Lukas T