4k monitor lag with HDMI?

I am using DK30C2DPEP with two 4k monitors. One on DP and the other on HDMI. On Mac, the HDMI connected monitor has a noticeable lag. The refresh rate is 60hz. The lag does not occur on my windows machine using same hdmi cable. I’ve tried different hdmi cables as well. Latest drivers installed.
Help please thanks!

Hello @awesimpawa,

Thank you for asking your question on the StarTech.com community page.

If the video output is correct on the DisplayPort-connected monitor but lagging on the HDMI-connected display something strange is happening. We can take some time to review to understand what the cause could be.


Thank you for confirming that you have installed the latest drivers from the StarTech.com website. You can also check if the DisplayLink Manager App is the latest version by opening it from the Apple menu bar at the top near the right side. The version will be printed at the bottom of that window. Compare this version to the version listed on the drivers and downloads section of the StarTech.com product page for the docking station.

Monitor connections

The DK30C2DPEP has two video outputs. VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2. Each output can be connected to either HDMI or a DisplayPort monitor. Be sure that only one monitor is connected to each video output on the dock. If any adapters, converters, or adapter cables, are used between the video ports and the monitors we will need to understand the type and capabilities of these devices.


Individual monitors may have onboard settings that may be worth reviewing. Usually, these can be accessed using buttons on or around the monitor bezel. Pressing a button will normally activate the on-screen display. This is usually where different video inputs can be selected. Depending on the monitor other settings can improve performance.


The DK30C2DPEP docking station has 5Gbps data bandwidth for data and video functions and high bandwidth devices may affect performance. Normally docking station hardware will balance bandwidth needs correctly. Understanding the nature of the connected devices can help diagnose a bandwidth issue. Occasionally wireless devices can also cause interference, often swapping ports can resolve that kind of issue.


Some types of software may have increased graphic demands causing lag on video connections that use USB-based video adapters. Review your software to see if it has 3D accelerated content. Games and 3D design software commonly use 3D acceleration.

Additional Details

I will be happy to look into the docking station lag issue further with you. Could you provide more detail to help us understand this configuration and effectively troubleshoot?

The following may help.

  1. The version of macOS running on your computer
  2. The version of the DisplayLink Manager App installed
  3. The make and model of the monitors connected to the DK30C2DPEP
    • The docking station video port used by each monitor
    • check if the issue follows the monitor by when swapping ports
  4. Confirm if standard HDMI or DisplayPort cables are used.
    • If any adapters, converters, or adapter cables are used, provide the model information for those
  5. Model information or a description of other peripherals connected to the DK30C2DPEP
  6. Describe the software used on the monitors connected to the DK30C2DPEP and whether there is any change in performance with other software.

Please share any details you can. If the information provided here helps you resolve the issue please let us know that too!