EM1115UW After setup error on printing test page

I am connecting a Kyocera MA6000ifx to the PM1115UW print server per the instructions. I receive a generic print notification that there was an error - and nothing printed out. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple times with no success.

I installed the print drivers on my laptop and successfully printed to the Kyocera printer over USB. I successfully printed the print server’s test page. So there must be something in the print server config when receiving the print request and sending it to the printer. Can you help?

Hello @dweastes,

Thank you for taking the time to post on the Startech.com Community.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues when using your printer with PM1115UW. In order to help determine our next steps, could I please ask for the following:

  • What is the make and model of the computer you are attempting to print from?
  • What operating system is the computer using?
  • Is there a specific application you are attempting to print from when you receive the error you mentioned?

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Lukas T

I won’t be in the office today but can give you the specifics tomorrow. That said, I have a Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 11. I was printing a page from your PDF install guide using Google Chrome.

The page is queued for printing but times out on attempt to print. It is currently in the print queue with a status of error.

I can send you screenshots of the printer setup on my laptop if that helps. Please be specific though on what you need.


Hello @dweastes,

Thank you for your reply.

Would you please confirm if you are able to access the print server’s web interface so we can ensure it has proper network connectivity? To access the web interface, enter the IP address you have assigned to the print server in the address bar of a web browser and it will bring you to a web page like below.

I would also like to ask if when you have been adding the printer in Windows, are you following the steps for “Setting Up a Printer in Windows” beginning at the end of page 9 of our setup guide?

Lukas T

I was not able to access the web interface using wifi. Good point. I will check that tomorrow when I am in the office.

The print server’s web interface is not accessible on my wifi network. It is not accessible using Ping also. I have reconfigured the print server many times without success. I get an error message using Ping stating “Destination host unreachable”. I am working with my IT engineer to troubleshoot the problem. If you have any suggestions, please provide. Below are the screens from the web interface during configuration. In the screen, I change the IP address from to - which is the static IP address provided by my IT department. Once the address is changed and it is restarted, I am unable to access the web interface. My laptop is

When I use the Print Server Utility Setup Wizard, it finds the 1P device after setting the new IP address. It successfully displays and saves the configuration. See below.

Problem resolved. I changed the Router/Gateway address to Then I was able to access the web interface. After setting up a new printer in Windows per the instructions, I was able to print.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hello @dweastes,

That is great to hear! I am glad to hear everything was fixed after adjusting the gateway IP address for the print server.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Lukas T