Ethernet and HDMI not working on dk30ch2dppd connected to Macbook Air M2

Hi there. I connected power, turned it on, connected a known-good ethernet cable to the dock, and a known-good USB-C cable from the Mac to the dock’s USB-C connector labeled for the computer. The Mac recognizes there is a device, and prompts me to allow the connection, which I accept. The Mac will charge from it, but even after installing the Displaylink software and rebooting, connecting a monitor via HDMI using a known-good wire doesn’t work nor does the ethernet. I tried two different USB-C cables to no avail. On the ethernet there are no connection lights. If I use a different dongle which has both HDMI and ethernet, both work. The Mac doesn’t recognize there is another display. The Displaylink software says “No DisplayLink-Enabled display detected”. The dock already has the latest firmware. Thanks very much for the help.

Hello @vPeteWalker

Thank you for posting on the Community. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with our DK30CH2DPPD.

To help with investigating our next steps, could I please ask the following:

  • What version of MacOS is being used?
  • Are the USB ports on the dock experiencing issues as well or is it only the ethernet and HDMI?

Please also double check that you are connecting to the USB-C port on the back of the dock that has the laptop symbol. Only the port that has the laptop icon is meant for the computer to connect to and the dock will not function properly if connecting to a different USB-C port. Also please use the USB-C cable that was included with the dock, as not all USB-C cables are able to support a video signal.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Lukas T

Hi there.

  • Mac OS Sonoma 14.5
  • Yes, USB is working.
  • Also, I noticed that if I look at the battery info, even when plugged in, it goes from Draining → Not charging, so it doesn’t seem to be delivering enough power to charge. However, the brightness goes up so clearly some power is being delivered.

Yep, as I mentioned I’m using that port on the dock. I am using the wire that was included with the dock, and tried several others, including one that came with a different dock which works 100% on that dock with my Macbook.

Hello @vPeteWalker,

Thank you for confirming this information.

Is there another computer you may be able to test our DK30CH2DPPD with to confirm if these issues are present when used with another system or if it is only isolated to this one?

Lukas T

The fix was going through the network connections and deleting any unused ones and I had to manually add the Startech one, and now the ethernet works great. I wasn’t able to connect it to my monitor using HDMI, but it did work via Displayport, so I’m good. Hopefully this helps someone in the future, because without a lot of futzing I wouldn’t have gotten this working.