USB-C dock with Macbook Air M2 chip model

Hi all,

I had this dock delivered today, Triple Monitor Docking Station, HDMI/DP - USB-C Docking Stations | Universal Laptop Docking Stations | United Kingdom and tried to set it up with my laptop (Macbook Air 2023 with M2 chip). The laptop is running OS 14.1.1 and has 2 x Asus 27" monitors connected via HDMI to the dock.

When I plug in the cable to the USB-C port on my laptop, the monitors aren’t recognised and the brightness on the laptop goes up & down. Additionally, it seems like it’s trying to charge the Mac but can’t, battery flicks between charging & not charging. I’ve used various wall outlets and it’s the same thing. Has anyone had this issue before? I followed all instructions with downloading firmware, Displaylink software etc.

Edit - just to add to this, I’ve tried a different docking station to make sure it’s not the USB-C port on the Mac and it’s fine, charges it without issue. I think there’s definitely an issue with the Startech dock.


Hello @DaveAsh

We appreciate you taking the time to post on our Community forum!

We are sorry to hear that you experienced difficulty with our 116U-USBC-DOCK, as this is not expected behavior for our docking station. Would it be possible to confirm the following information below?

  • Is the included USB-C cable being used?
  • Would it be possible to temporarily test another computer?
  • Lastly, you mentioned you have tried another docking station. Is that docking station another 116U-USBC-DOCK or is it perhaps a different make / model?

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Atha T

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Hi Atha,

Thanks for getting back to me, I did a live chat with support this morning. It turns out the cable that came with the dock was the issue. I found another USB-C to USB-C cable and that worked. CAS-72384 for your reference should now be closed. All working now.

Thanks again.