How do I install PM1115UW on Windows or macOS?

Manual Setup & Install on Windows and macOS

This video walks you through how to manually set up PM1115UW in Windows or macOS. There is also a Manual Setup & Install Guide in PDF format available.

Software-guided Install on Windows Only

  1. With an Ethernet cable connect the print server to an available Ethernet port on the network (i.e. router or switch). Allow ~40 seconds for the boot up sequence to complete. The printer does not need to be connected to the print server yet.

  2. Install the PS Wizard application on the computer that needs to be able to print. This computer can be connected to the network using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Ensure the computer already has the proper driver for the printer installed. It’s a good idea to confirm the printer works while directly connected to the computer with a USB cable before continuing.

  3. Right-click the PS Wizard shortcut and choose Run as Administrator, choose Yes to allow the software to run.

  4. At the Welcome screen, select Next to begin.

  1. At the Select a Print Server screen, click Next to start searching for print servers. Note: If the print server is not detected, check the Ethernet connection.

  1. Click to select the print server you wish to configure. Click Next.

  1. If you’d like to apply a password to the print server’s web interface you can do so by selecting Yes and applying a password. There is no password by default. Click Next.

  1. At the Configure Wireless (Basic Wireless Settings) screen, change the Communication Type to Infrastructure. Then change the SSID to the name of the wireless network you’d like the print server to connect to. The other settings can be left unchanged. Click Next.

  1. Select the correct Authentication Type for the wireless network. The field for Encryption Type will then appear. Most likely the Encryption type is WPA2-PSK (CCMP) also known as WPA2-AES. Input the Pre-shared key, also known as the Wi-Fi Password, for the network.

  1. At the Configure TCP/IP screen, select Specify an IP address. This gives the product a static IP. Enter the desired IP address, subnet mask, and gateway information. Note: a gateway IP address is usually not needed

  1. Check the configuration for any errors. Click Next.

  2. Select the printer to be used with the print server. The printer driver should already be installed on the computer. If not, choose Add New Printer and complete the steps to add the printer driver. Click Next.

  3. Check the configuration for any errors. Click Next.

  4. Click Finish. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and power supply from the print server. Position the print server near the printer. Connect the power supply to the print server. The Ethernet cable is no longer needed. Connect the printer’s USB cable to the print server. Setup is complete.