M.2 SSD SATA Adapter

Hello, I have an SSD M.2 card with the info below.

I would like to plug it into a Desktop PC using the SATA interface (I already have a USB adapter).

Which SATA / M.2 adapter would work best ?


Digi-Key Part Number: 3217-OM3PDP3512B-A01-ND

Manufacturer: Kingston

Manufacturer Product Number: OM3PDP3512B-A01

Description: SSD 512GB M.2 TLC NVME 3.3V

Detailed Description: Solid State Drive (SSD) FLASH - NAND (TLC) 512GB NVMe M.2 Module 3.3V


Hello and thank you for your interest in our Community.

For this particular M.2, using your USB adapter (something like our M2-USB-C-NVME-SATA or our SM2E1BMU31C) would be your best bet. If you require the card to be mounted internally in your computer, you could also use a PCI Express card such as our PEX4M2E1.

I did not recommend any SATA-based solution due to the fact that your M.2 is not SATA-based, but rather NVMe-based (PCI Express). This means that it is incompatible with a SATA controller and must be read over USB or PCI Express.

I hope this help! If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Emmanuel B.

Hey Emmanuel, I will check if my PC has an open PCI slot on the motherboard… I think it does, but I need to double check it, and, if there is a slot, I will order the card you recommended, Thanks.