PM1115U2 Print Server + Canon PIXMA 8700 - Printer Works - "Printer Status" does not

i have a Canon PIXMA 8700 series printer. I easily setup the printer to work using the PM1115U2.

my issue is that this printer has no screen on it and all information (ink levels, troubleshooting, other printer status etc) runs through a program called “My Printer” that pops up during print jobs.

this is the part that is NOT working, and i think it is because the print server is simply running in LPR and not directly using USB.

anyone possibly know how to get the “my printer” feedback working?

i am aware this model canon printer can support WIFI however i really only like things hard-wired for security.

here is more details on canon’s “my printer”

Hello and thank you for your interest in our Community.

You are correct in your assumption that the limitation comes from the standard protocol exchanged between the computer, our print server and your printer. These extra features typically require the direct USB connection in order to support extra software information. You could always try to “Enable bidirectional support” under your Printer Properties’ Ports settings (Devices and Printers → Right-click on Printer → Printer Properties → Ports → Enable bidirectional support) but this usually covers basic data and often won’t work on extra feature programs.

This may not be a solution, but I hope it was at least able to help better confirm your understanding of the situation. Please feel free to respond if you have any further question or concerns.

Emmanuel B.

i appreciate your suggestion but unfortunately i have already tried the bi-directional data option and i think you we are both in agreement that this is simply a limitation of the LPR communications protocol not understanding the additional data the printer is trying to send.

i am going to try changing the setting from LPR to RAW, but i do not think that will make a difference and will likely just break printing completely.