VGA to HDMI supporting 640x480@60 and 720x400 @70

Hi All, I am really desperate, trying to source a VGA Input to HDMI Output Adapter that supports both 640x480@60 and 720x400 @70. I dont seem to be able to find anyone that may stock this item or find anyone that could cutom make this. I would appreciate any help or recommendations. Thank you!!

Hello @BrettSanders,

I want to be sure that I understand you correctly. You wish to go from VGA video source out to an HDMI display, and you need a converter that can accomplish this at lower resolutions.

If I have that right, there are a few different options to consider, depending on what you wish to achieve.

StarTech VGA to HDMI Adapter w/Audio

Mfg.part: VGA2HDU

Untitled Image

The VGA2HDU can connect to a VGA port directly then connect to an HDMI display via your HDMI cable. The USB connection is needed for power and audio. If audio is not needed it can be connected to any powered USB port. You will note in the technical specifications that we list various resolutions including 640x480. All of these resolutions will be at 60Hz. However, I do not see 720x400 @ 70Hz on this list but this list does not appear to be exhaustive so I might expect this to work fine. Of course testing may be the only way to tell for sure with some equipment.

StarTech Component VGA (PC) to HDMI

Mfg.part: VGA2HD2

Untitled Image

The VGA2HD2 is another option to consider. It includes a power supply and RCA audio support. VGA2HD2 supports up to 1080p video also, so I should certainly expect lower standard resolutions to work fine too.

There are also some cable based options that are quite similar too:





If I’ve got the wrong idea, please let me know and I can take some time to look at our other options that will be a fit.

There can be a lot of different variables with video conversion solutions so if you have some more details about your equipment that you can offer, I can take some time to go over those and see if we can make better recommendations. The make and model of your VGA and HDMI devices can help point us in the right direction, or maybe come up with another creative solution.

I hope that this information is helpful. I’ll check back here again later in case you have more details or questions.



Hi David,

Thank you so much for you advice on this - this is so helpful. Bascially this is a medical device. The “stimulator” works with VGA to LED screen and all resolutions work work through this sytem. We however need to use an OLED screen which only has USB-C and Micro-HDMI. The resolution for the stimulation display (checkerboards) works with the adapter we have however when we need to return to the main menu screen (lower resolution) then we cannot see the menu on the OLED screen. I have attached a PDF trying to explain the device and the issue. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hello @BrettSanders,

Thank you for taking the time to prepare that PDF document outlining your equipment and the current configuration.

Sadly, since the video works at all resolutions with the LED screen but not the OLED screen then we might suspect that this is some sort of interoperability trouble with the OLED screen, or even some combination of these devices with the OLED screen. There certainly could be other factors too.

Of course, testing with a different product like the VGA2HDU or The VGA2HD2 may yield different results. I should hope that they would work, but at the very least it could help to isolate whether you are indeed seeing an interoperability at the OLED screen or with the existing adapter.

I’ll also note that the pattern on the OLED screen appears stretched to me. It may be worth checking the manual for the screen from the ASUS support page to see if there are any settings that could help. If you have documentation for the Nicolet system unit this may have some clues.

I apologize that I do not have a clear answer for you but my goal here is to help to point you in the right direction so that you can narrow down the cause of the no signal issue and be able to determine the next steps. Depending on your needs, this could be simply a different VGA to HDMI converter, or perhaps even a different monitor.

Please let me know if you are able to find a way forward. I would definitely like to know if any of these suggestions help to get you up and running.


Hello @BrettSanders

We were able to dig a little bit deeper about the VGA2HD2 and this VGA to HDMI converter does indeed support 720 x 400 @70Hz.

I hope that this information helps you out!


HI there David,

Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into helping me with this, it is so appreciated. I have purchased the VGA2HD2 to try out. I iwll keep you posted

Hey @BrettSanders,

I hope it is not too soon, but I am curious if the VGA2HD2 ended up being a fit for you or not.


Hey @DavidF

Thanks for the follow up. We connected the device yesterday and huge celebrations is that it is working well and we can now see both resolutions. Thank you so much. One that that we are findings is that there is now a delay in the responses that we are recording of about 25msec. Do you know what the input lag is on the VGA2HD2? I have attached a paper relating to this. THanks.


Hello @BrettSanders,

I checked on the information that I have available for the VGA2HD2, and our other converters. It looks like there may be minimal lag involved in video conversion but I do not have a specific figure for this unit. The lag may approach the lag you’ve cited based on what I have seen so far. If you wish I can reach out to my team to confirm that.

I’ve reached out to my team for this information and I will reply back when I have more information.


Hi there @DavidF thank you so much for this. I would really appreciate it if your team could confirm what the delay is so that we can calibrate accordingly. Thanks again.

Hi @BrettSanders.

It looks like my team would like a few more details to be sure that we are directing your request correctly.

Please do reach out to our support team directly. Just reference case 391-1227900.

Thank you,


Hey @BrettSanders,

It does not look like you have reached out, but that’s okay! My team has continued to look into the video lag and they have gotten back with an answer.

The 25ms delay is expected and unfortunately not out of the ordinary for video conversion products. My earlier searches did yield similar delay with our other conversion products too.

If you do need high precision and low latency then the VGA2HD2 may not be a fit for you. I do apologize if that is the case!

If there is anything else I can look into for you please do let me know!



Hi there @DavidF

Apologies for not getting back to your team yet. I cannot express my gratitude to you for your continuous support and help with this. That is fine, now that the lag is confirmed, we will take this lag into account and calibrate our systems accordingly to account for this. Many thanks, Brett