120B-USBC-MULTIPORT stopped working with Acendo Vibe and Mac


I use a 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT dock to connect an Acendo Vibe system with a USB A output to the USB C port on my Macbook. Acendo Vibe is a camera and mic system used for online meetings. The Acendo Vibe is not detected by Teams. It last worked several months ago with the same dock. It currently works using a different dock (a cheaper, more basic USB A to USB C dock).

It appears an update has stopped the Startech dock from working specifically with the Acendo Vibe. Since the system last worked, I have not updated the Startech dock (it is plug and play, no driver) or the Acendo Vibe (last software update for Mac was 2018) so I expect the update was for Mac OS, as I apply these automatically.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue and whether I can provide more information.


Hello @pwrightkcl. We appreciate you taking the time to post on our Community forum.

We are sorry to hear that you experienced difficulty with our 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT. Can you please confirm the following information?

  • What OS is running on the Mac?
  • What is the full Mac model name?
  • Do other USB devices apart from the Acendo Vibe system function with the 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT?
  • Lastly, do other features such as the HDMI, SD, and GbE function with the 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT?
Please keep in mind, the 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT is not supported for macOS. Therefore, reliability and performance may not be consistent when an unsupported operating system is being used.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Atha T

Hi @AthaT

  • I am running Mac OS Ventura 13.5.
  • The Mac is a Macbook Pro 13-inch, 2019, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • I tried the 120B-USBC-MULTIPORT with my Logitech web camera (also USB A output) and it worked.
  • The HDMI, SD, & GbE (or at least Ethernet generally) all work.
I did not know the dock is not supported for Mac. We bought two for our team, both for Macbooks, so we might have reconsidered if we knew that.

Still, since this problem seems specific to this dock, and only started recently, I hope somebody on your team can find a clue in the Mac OS update history or somewhere else to help me.

Let me know if you want any more info, logs etc.


Hello @pwrightkcl

Thank you for your detailed response.

Would it be possible to perform an SMC and NVRAM reset on the Mac?

I do want to thank you for your time and patience for help troubleshooting this device. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Atha T

Hi @athat

I did both those resets and there was no change. By the way, I got the same results with a colleague’s Macbook: it could not find the Acendo Vibe with the Startech dock, but could with the other dock.


Hello @pwrightkcl

Given the nature of the issue, we will be reaching out directly to perform additional troubleshooting.

We will be in touch shortly.

Atha T