Best adapter question

We have an older projector that accepts VGA. I need an adapter that will convert HDMI from a laptop to VGA. The VGA cable run is 50’.

I’ve seen so many possibilities on different sites and such a difference in price points it’s become somewhat confusing. From what I’ve read, Startech seems to be the company to rely on.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @ric4001,

Thank you for your question, and we certainly appreciate hearing this feedback too!

I can think of a few ways to make a reliable link from an HDMI laptop to a VGA projector over a 50’ VGA cable.

There are some considerations with this type of connection.

Video Conversion

HDMI is a digital video technology and VGA is analog. With few exceptions, an active converter will be needed.

There are a few different form factors that we offer. Many use power from the HDMI connection for the conversion.


Adapter Converters -

Active Converter Cables -

Self Powered Adapter Converter -

Signal Strength

  • As the signal is transmitted down the cable, there will be a loss in strength at greater lengths. The video quality at the projector will depend on some factors including:

    Cable Quality

  • Cable Length (50ft in this case)
  • Video source power (A video converter requires power)
  • Video resolution
  • Interference

Additionally, signal amplifiers built into other products like splitters can help.

VGA Splitter with amplifier -

While we do not have a full understanding, assuming this setup has worked correctly for you with a VGA computer then we can make a simple recommendation.


<img src=“” alt=“User: “User: “HD2VGAA2 HDMI to VGA converter with Power and Audio ports”””>

Unless one of the other solutions above is preferable I would recommend testing out the HD2VGAA2 with your equipment, based on the information that we know.

The reason I recommend the HD2VGAA2 is because of the price point and optional power connection, pictured here on the back left, which may help improve the signal strength. If any signal issues occur, connect the adapter to a USB port on the computer with a USB A to Micro B cable like Product ID: UUSBHAUB6. A standard 5V USB power supply can be used if a USB A port is unavailable on the computer.

Of course, the most reliable solution may depend on other variables including the ones outlined above. If pricing is a key factor, I suggest purchasing through one of our many resellers with a strong return policy. This can allow you to purchase and test the solution to ensure it will work correctly or return it for a refund.


We may have other ways to achieve the connection from the laptop to the projector. You are welcome to post more details about the equipment, cables, and the setup environment may allow us to confirm our recommendations. We can find specifications to help us compare quickly with model information.

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any trouble; we are always happy to help!

David F

David, thank you for your expertise.

I’m wondering if it would be advantageous to dump the 50’ VGA and go the way of hdmi to cat6 and then back to hdmi and then use the hdmi to a very short run of vga at the projector. Or am I overthinking this.

Cost is secondary to quality. My plan is to eventually get a new projector so I’ll probably need to go to the hdmi to cat converter in the future anyhow.

Hey @ric4001,

Thank you for letting us know more about your goals.

Yes, an HDMI extender solution will improve video quality.

HDMI is more modern and reliable when compared to VGA. An extender will transmit both video and audio and support higher resolutions. This may help if you are considering a 4K projector.

Review our HDMI Extenders or HDMI Cables and Adapters. We have boosters, extender kits, passive extension cables, and active extension cables. There are various length and resolution options.

We do not anticipate issues using an HDMI extender with a standard HDMI to VGA converter. Do use a converter that has supplemental power. Not all HDMI extenders will provide full HDMI power for a converter.

I am curious how you choose to proceed. Let us know if there is more that we can do to help!

David F