SVID2USB2 [old version] Win11 problams

My SVID2USB2 was working properly on Win 10. I pgraded to Win 11 a few days ago and tried for the first time to use device yesterday; it accepted audio and component video but nothing for s-video. I went to startech site and installed the newest driver, but for the newer version, which caused it to stop working entirely. Attempts to uninstall driver said the succeeded but actually failed with zero function of device. Today I restored desktop to earlier time, and have resored almost to stage before installed wrong driver; no s-video, but audio correct, and component video shows up [in grabbee and obs] but unlike before updates, garbled with about 1 frame every 30 seconds. Startech tells me old device isn’t supported, but it was working except s-vid yesterday, any suggestions how to resore decent component video in? Thx

also once SVID2USB232 [new version] comes, has anyone upgraded versions like this and had/not had conflicts between the old and new drivers? If problems, how resolved? thx

Hello @bravedog. We appreciate you taking the time to post on our Community forum.

We are sorry to hear that you experienced difficulty with our SVID2USB2. Sadly, the SVID2USB2 is not
supported with Windows 11. Therefore, we cannot guarantee stability, performance and reliability when used with an unsupported operating system.

We recommend taking a look at our SVID2USB232 which is compatible with Windows 11. For optimal performance, we recommend uninstalling the SVID2USB2’s drivers.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Atha T