SVID2USB232 cannot install TWAIN drivers (Windows 11 Home)

I just bought the SVID2USB232 converter. I have Windows 11 Home. Everything works fine when I use the included MOVAVI Video Editor. However, I would like to use OBS Studio. In this program, the video image is visible, but there is no sound. I tried to install the TWAIN drivers, but I am unable to disable the driver signing enforcement. I proceed as described in the Readme.txt file attached to the drivers, but after restarting my computer, there is no “Startup Settings” menu at all in the “Advanced options”. I tried using the bcdedit command to set nointegritychecks, but it doesn’t work for me either. It seems that on my computer bcdedit doesn’t see the “nointegritychecks” setting at all. I do not know why. Maybe Microsoft changed something recently? Can you help me find a solution to my problem?

Hello @Tomac,

Thank you for taking the time to post your question on the community.

I am happy to hear that the SVID2USB232 works well for you with Movavi, and I am sorry to hear that it is not working in OBS Studio.

Not that while we do have full support for Movavi, OBS Studio is third party software, so we do not provide support. You may want to check with the support materials at from the OBS Studio website.

That said, I have successfully setup the SVID2USB232 before, and I will be happy to offer any ideas that I can to help get you on the right track.


When I have set up the SVID2USB232 before with OBS Studio the standard drivers worked fine for me, so I would recommend removing the TWAIN drivers that were installed and reinstalling the standard drivers.

Confirm the latest drivers are installed and that the capture cable continues to work correctly with the Movavi software again.


Once the SVID2USB232 is working in Movavi be sure that the software is closed before opening OBS Studio.

In OBS studio you can add the capture cable as a new video device. There are a couple of things to look for in the properties of the new capture device.

  1. Be sure that the USB 2828x Device is selected from the Device dropdown menu.
  2. Click the Configure Video button and confirm the settings there. This should also indicate if there is an active video stream
  3. Click the Configure Crossbar and confirm the correct video input is selected and that the other sections look correct.
  • Note the crossbar settings here should correspond to the same settings in Movavi.

I will clarify that I am working from memory and with information that may not be fully up to date, but I hope it will approximate the right settings on your system and at the least get you going in the right direction.


While our support for third party software is limited, let me know if this information is helpful, if you find other support materials that help you get up and running, or if you see other issues.

We are always happy to help however we can!


Thank you for your answer.
Initially, I wanted to install TWAIN drivers because I understood from the description that they are necessary to work with programs other than Movavi. Following your advice, I tried to skip installing TWAIN drivers and looked for other settings in OBS Studio. It turned out that if I check the “Use custom audio device” setting in the video capture device settings, I can select the “USB 2828x Audio Device” and the sound appears.
Thank you for your help and best regards.

Hey @Tomac,

I am sorry about the confusion with the TWAIN drivers.

You are very welcome, and I am glad to hear that you are now up and running in OBS Studio.

Thank you for the tip about the custom audio device too!

You are certainly welcome to connect with us again, if there is anything else we can do to help.