Which KVM is needed?

I have a quality Win10 PC desktop with a good video card, a standard keyboard and mouse peripherals, driving two 27inch displays each at 2560 X 1440 pixels at 60 Hz.
The first display is connected to the PC by DP cable. The second display is daisy chained to the first display by DP cable using MST Passthrough.
I will soon have a second similar PC.
Which KVM will I need to switch the video feed to the first display between the two PCs?

Hello @hasty ,

Thank you for taking the time to ask your question on the StarTech.com Community.

After taking time to review our KVMS, I am happy to report we do have a few 2-port KVMs with MST support for you to review. I have confirmed listed support for MST and 1440p

Product ID: D86A2-2-PORT-8K-KVM
My first recommendation is a 2-Port DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switch with MST Pass-through. The DisplayPort 1.4 rating leaves room to work with higher-resolution monitors in the future.

Product ID: SV231DPU34K
A second KVM is also a 2-Port DisplayPort KVM with MST Pass-through that will also work with the 1440p monitors. This KVM is DisplayPort 1.2 rather than DisplayPort 1.4, like the first KVM.

Product ID: P2DD46A22-KVM-SWITCH
You may also consider a solution with more features, like separate audio connections, on-screen display, and serial communication. The P2DD46A22-KVM-SWITCH is also a 2-Port DisplayPort 1.2 KVM with MST Pass-through support.

Shorter cables will be better between the KVM and the computers for the best performance when working with MST. We have cables recommended on the Accessories pages for each KVM.

Ensure that your new PC has a DisplayPort with DP 1.2 and MST support.

If you would like to share the model information for your monitors or the graphics system on your new PC we can take a moment to review those specifications, if you wish.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these KVMs, or any of the accessories that are recommended for them.



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Hi DavidF,
That was a great bit of advice. Very clear that helped sort my rather confused head. I have ordered your first suggestion, the D86A2-2-PORT-8K-KVM, via Amazon, and with a bit of luck it will arrive here in Canberra Australia on Wednesday 17 July. Again a thousand thanks.

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